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Title: LAT Fri. 2/4 Ed Sessa
Post by: magus on February 04, 2011, 09:47:32 AM
T Time

Head of government?   GEE
Rock collection?   ALBUM
Made lots of calls, in a way   UMPED
Go a few rounds?   SPIN
Theme: intrusive T
“Oklahoma” prop?   STAGEBRUSH
Taser switch?   STUNDIAL
Fancy shoes for the campaign trail?   STUMPPUMPS

I enjoyed the challenge: COPSE crossed by LUPE, MSN, and UMPED was not easy if you didn't know COPSE and didn't get the clue about making calls. 

Two baseball references, "umped" and "sinkerball" reinforced my baseball withdrawl --- but pitchers and catchers will be reporting in a week or so.

BTW, IMHO is one of a handful of texting "words" which has become part of our lexicon, texter or not.  So, by the way, are "texting" and "texter."  The Cru crew addressed this topic earlier in the week & most seemed to accept the inevitable.

;D ;D ;D
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