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Title: LAT Sun. 1/9 Jack McInturff
Post by: magus on January 09, 2011, 10:09:41 AM

It has banks in Switzerland   AARE
Theme: The letter I replacing the blend OU in phrases
Like a stroller out of breath?   WALKLINGWINDED
Adoptee’s goal?   FINDINGFATHER

I like puzzles which go from Zora NEALE Hurston [woman writer] to Trish Stratus [woman wrestler] to Shana Morrison [woman singer], the last two of whom are new to me.

Elected ones   INS [I don’t think I’ve ever seen INS in this sense in the real world.  I’d go with “Outs partner.”]

To the max, in the disco era   AGOGO [I thought it meant relating to dance, which suggests “excitement.”  Perhaps in some slang dictionary it denotes the ultimate.  I'd go with " '70's Club Whiskey ___."]

Plotting aid   GRAPH [Graph depicts the relationship between variables; a grid aids in the plotting which results in the graph]


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