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Title: Crossword Complier "Review/edit clues" list
Post by: irvson on May 29, 2012, 04:57:30 PM
As a language nut (and I'm sure many Cru members are), the manner in which entries are displayed in the "Review/edit clues..." list has bothered me. That list is very handy, but sometimes I would like to be able to change the way the entries are displayed. For example, if my entry is "Mt Ellen," I want it to display in that list as "Mt Ellen," not as "mtellen" or "Mtellen" or "MTELLEN." When an exchange on the cru mailing list alerted me to the fact that some entries are displayed in that fashion, it got me thinking. I have no doubt that others here have reached this "solution," but just in case: An entry in a puzzle I am working on is "crimedoesntpay." I used the Word List Manager to add this entry to the NYT database, but I added it to the database this way: "crime doesn't pay." Bingo! The Review... list now shows it the way I want. If this info is useful to other members, good. If not, I guess I'm just bragging!  :o)