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Title: Looking for more advanced software for crosswords creating
Post by: lucbach on June 03, 2015, 04:48:39 AM
Hello Guys!

I'm new here. It's a great forum.

I have some pressing matter to know how can I reach any of companies/software houses who are offering fully professional software for crosswords creating (creating, export for printing, phrases base and more). Some kind of comprehensive solution.

To be precise: I'm not looking for the companies/sites who are selling their software for $50-$100 to all, but solutions for newspapers and publishers in price of dozens or thousands of dozens of dollars (or more expensive) with a portfolio of magazine titles or publishers they are serving (like Wired Puzzles do).

Do you know any of these (even names)? If here are some representative of that kind of companies, I'll gladly contact via PM.

Thank you very much in advance!