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Title: Tue., 4/15 Rich Norris & Joyce Nichols Lewis
Post by: Thomps2525 on April 14, 2015, 04:44:47 PM
Today's Los Angeles Times crossword includes four theme answers: FIFTHWHEEL, BLOOPERREEL, HALTERTOP and WORLDRECORD. The clue to the theme is "Ride around...or what the ends [of those four phrases] can do." The answer: GOFORASPIN. I won't try to claim that I'm too young to know what a "record" is. :)

The crossword also included a "dirty dozen" of overused words: ACRE, AGE, APT, EEL, EMU, ERR, EURO, IMP, IRE, LEI, ORE and RYE.

The answer to "Smoked salmon" was NOVA. I'm familiar with the Chevrolet Nova and the PBS series Nova and the astronomy term "nova" but I didn't understand the salmon reference until I looked online and discovered that Nova is short for "Nova Scotia lox." Most people think that lox and smoked salmon are the same thing. They are not.