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Title: Fri., 2/13 Mark McClain
Post by: magus on February 13, 2015, 09:00:32 AM
THEME:   change OL in an odd phrase's word to RE and see a familiar phrase
Modernize‚Ķand when divided into three parts {theme}   RETOOL [literally, RE to OL; though you read it the opposite way: OL to Re]   
Hip curriculum?   COOL COURSES [change OL to RE = core courses]   
Busy enterprise?   APIARY ["busy as a bee"]   
"'Tis ture, sorry to say"   FRAIDSO [I thought "afraid so" but it didn't fit; then I got THRIFT STOOL and realized, as in the clue, the first vowel is elided.  Tough but fair, I think.]   
RATING:    ;D ;D
Three grins = Loved it; Two grins = Enjoyed it; One grin = A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Not much fun