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Title: Fri., 1/9 Frank Virzi
Post by: magus on January 09, 2015, 09:15:29 AM
THEME:   spoken phrases with additional endings create new meanings
Tool for putting a Ping-Pong ball into orbit   LAUNCHING PADDLE   
Solo in space   HAN   
RATING: ;D ;D   
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Title: Re: Fri., 1/9 Frank Virzi
Post by: Thomps2525 on January 09, 2015, 03:23:22 PM
Many newspapers, including the Daily News, run the daily NEA crossword. The grid is 13x13 and the answers are usually very common English words. Seldom is there a foreign word or a pop-culture reference. Today's Times crossword goes to the other extreme. Among the answers are references to actors, authors, plays, musicals, movies, movie characters, song titles, a Boer state, a Greek god, an Indian ruler and foreign currency. Friday crosswords are typically more difficult than the Monday-through-Thursday crosswords. I completed today's puzzle easily enough but, with all the semi-obscure references, it resembled a game of Jeopardy!