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Title: Stuck on a corner...
Post by: acpracht on November 03, 2014, 05:11:45 PM
Hi, all,

I'm having a lot of difficulty in one corner of a grid. I mostly have stuff that I think is legit, which one notable, strongly borderline exception.
The answer is "SRRAT."

Crosses are, in order, "As Cool," "Cross-Eyed," "Arts Agency," "SAT I," and "Et. al."

The answer is obviously a borderline one, but there's several possible scenarios that I could build a (possibly) acceptable clue out of:
1) Sr. Rat (i.e. Señor Rat). Some options:
-A character in "The Wind in the Willows" is called "Mr. Rat" and would of course become "Sr." in Spanish.
-Soccer player Rodrigo Palacio for Argentina in the 2014 World Cup had a bizarre rat-tail, leading some to give him the nickname of "Señor Rat-Tail."
-There was a throwaway line in 2012's "The Three Stooges" where one of the characters refers to a "Monsignor Ratcliff" as "Señor Rat Lips." (I think this one could possibly be clued with the "Monsignor Ratcliff" as part of the clue to help with the solve just by virtue of the near-homonym.)

2) "S.R.R. at" - SRR sometimes a shortening for boxer "Sugar Ray Robinson. Perhaps his most famous match venue could be used in the clue... ?

3) Short for "Senior Rat" and could be something jokey about a geriatric rodent.

Or does someone have another idea? If SRRET clued for something more legit, the cross of SETI would be quite good.


Title: Re: Stuck on a corner...
Post by: mmcbs on November 06, 2014, 08:14:02 AM
Tear it out, and redo that corner, there are several legit possibilities for fill. SALINE and PETE fix it fairly well.