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Title: Puzzle database-published entries/clues
Post by: Hoover on November 14, 2010, 01:07:35 AM
I am curious as to how this database is updated, like how many puzzles get entered etc.  I like to use it to see if I can come up with unique clues that have not been used before but seem to find entries that I would think would have been used more, and entries that have clues other than I would expect.  For example when I search "DHS" I see a bunch of baseball related clues, yet if I google it the page is filled with "Department of Homeland Security" and "Department of Human Resources", yet I don't see any clues referring to either one of those.  Another example is "SNOT"...I get no results when I search for that.  Is "SNOT" really so offensive that it never gets used as an entry in puzzles?